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Infection control handrails you can trust. A unique antimicrobial metal alloy, HMA99, that looks just like stainless steel. 


HYGI-Rail products are made from HYGI-Group’s unique metal alloy HMA99 that will reduce the spread of infectious diseases like no other material on the market.

80% of infections are spread by touch and can survive on surfaces for over 3 days. HYGI-Rail is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in minutes, decreasing pathogens, and ensuring your environments are much safer places.

Other option on the market either have no antimicrobial properties at all, such as stainless steel products, or they use antimicrobial coatings which will wear off and weaken over time. The antimicrobial properties of HYGI-Rail’s metal alloy HMA99 will always remain effective, offering a 25-year warranty.

Get the facts

Our infographic outlines the scope of the problem in Europe and the UK, and highlights HYGI-Rail as a multi-purpose alternative to stainless steel.

How does it work?

HYGI-Rail’s antimicrobial metal alloy HMA99 creates an inhospitable environment for micro-organisms, killing them and stopping their spread and growth.

How it does this:

  • Ruptures the bacterial cell wall
  • Inhibits protein binding
  • Disrupts osmotic pressure within the cell
  • Destroys virus’ nucleic acid (their DNA)

Our brochure

Take a look at our brochure – it gives you real world applications of our antimicrobial alloy, cost-benefit analysis and highlights the scientific basis for HYGI-Rail.

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