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Infection control handrails you can trust. A special metal alloy that looks like stainless steel.


HYGI-Rail  is a special metal alloy handrail that will reduce the spread of infectious diseases like no other material on the market. Current handrails in hotels, tube stations, schools, and even hospitals, do nothing to prevent contamination with micro-organisms.

HYGI-Rail is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria 80% of infections are spread by touch and can survive on surfaces for over 3 days. Investing in HYGI-Rail will help decrease pathogens such as coronavirus and MRSA, and in return ensure your environment is a much safer place.

Get the facts

Take a look at our Infographic – it highlights the cost of infectious disease in the Europe and UK and gives you a multi-purpose alternative to a classic stainless steel rail.

How does it work?

HYGI-Rail’s antimicrobial properties work in a number of ways, they attack pathogens by:

  • Rupturing the cell walls of bacteria
  • Inhibiting protein binding
  • Disrupting osmotic pressure within the cell
  • Destroying virus’ nucleic acid (their DNA)

It’s 99.9% effective at destroying bacterial cells and 95% overall.

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Our brochure

Take a look at our brochure – it gives you real world applications of our antimicrobial alloy, cost-benefit analysis and highlights the scientific basis for HYGI-Rail.

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