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Latest News & Articles

As experts in steelwork, we like to share updates on the latest developments across the industry as well as our own company. Read our latest news articles below to get insights and information about the work we do, and how the construction industry is continually changing.

8 Workplace Hygiene Tips

The workplace should be a safe place where all employees feel protected while working. With COVID-19 affecting businesses across the world, let alone the whole of the UK, ensuring that the work environment is abiding by government regulations has never been more...

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The Copper Alloy that looks just like Stainless Steel

The HYGI-Group have recently launched their HYGI-Metal products. The HYGI-Metal is a copper alloy that can start killing bacteria and viruses on impact but looks just like stainless steel. Stainless steel is widely used throughout many buildings because it looks good....

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Do I need Planning Permission for a Balcony?

There are multiple benefits of adding a balcony to your property; the extra space, creating an outside area, and the value it adds. But, however desirable the addition of a balcony may be, taking the time to find out if you need planning permission is of great...

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Add Value to Your Property with Architectural Metalwork

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, it’s always interesting to know how you can add value to your property and the potential it has. Typically, when we think of renovating to increase property value, we think of adding an extra bedroom, converting a loft space, or...

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Steel as a Sustainable Material

Steel plays a huge part in the construction industries journey to become more sustainable as it can be 100% recycled and re-used. Making efforts to ‘go green’ shows a huge environmental responsibility and is something that cannot be overlooked. Within the construction...

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Different Types Of Welding And How They Are Used

Welding is the process of joining together metal parts by heating the surface to melting point and fusing them together, forming a joint as the parts cool. At ANY Weld we use different types of welding and techniques for different projects. In this blog we've...

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5 Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Used internally and externally, on staircases, balconies, and outdoor spaces, glass balustrades are a popular feature of modern architecture. Not only are glass balustrades an aesthetically pleasing addition to a property but they can offer multiple other benefits...

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We’re very pleased to have been awarded our first contract with Murphy and Sons. This work is part of an £18.5 million contract awarded to Murphy and Sons by developer Steyn Group. The project will see a new a residential apartment block consisting of 24 private...

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6 Staircase Ideas to Transform your Home

6 Staircase Ideas to Transform your Home Whether modern and minimal or a bespoke feature piece; the staircase is a focal point in many properties. In this blog post we’ve highlighted 6 staircase ideas to transform your home. Cantilevered Stairs For a modern, minimal...

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