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As experts in steelwork, we like to share updates on the latest developments across the industry as well as our own company. Read our latest news articles below to get insights and information about the work we do, and how the construction industry is continually changing.

8 Workplace Hygiene Tips

The workplace should be a safe place where all employees feel protected while working. With COVID-19 affecting businesses across the world, let alone the whole of the UK, ensuring that the work environment is abiding by government regulations has never been more...

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6 Staircase Ideas to Transform your Home

6 Staircase Ideas to Transform your Home Whether modern and minimal or a bespoke feature piece; the staircase is a focal point in many properties. In this blog post we’ve highlighted 6 staircase ideas to transform your home. Cantilevered Stairs For a modern, minimal...

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Buy Steel Online

Don’t have time to waste going through the process of contacting a steel supplier, waiting for a quote, emails and phone calls back and forth, just to be able to order a few pieces of steel? Well, there’s now a cost-effective, time-saving way to easily buy steel...

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Being an Apprentice in a Pandemic

It’s an uncertain time for many; we hear of employers and employees all unsure of what to expect next for businesses. But another group that have been left in the dark are apprentices. Many have lost work due to the pandemic and are having to find new positions...

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5 Ways To Use Steel Beams In Your Home’s Interior

When we imagine steel beams, our first thought is most likely a structural frame for a building. But what if you were to take steel beams inside your home and use them within your living space. Steel beams look great against many other materials, such as concrete,...

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Different Stainless Steel Finishes

When considering different stainless steel finishes, you’ll want to contemplate elements such as life span, corrosion, and maintenance. Another aspect you’ll need to think about is how the surface finish will work with the fabrication process. Whilst stainless steel...

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How will Brexit impact the UK Construction Industry?

It’s been a year of uncertainty for many, including those within the construction industry. COVID-19 has caused many problems and delays, and most companies have felt the negative impacts of the pandemic. But that hasn’t been the only uncertainty for those in the...

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The Impact of Covid on the Construction Industry

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on individuals and businesses over 2020. With lockdowns and safety measures implemented by the government for different areas, the disruption it has caused for different industries has been huge. After being advised to continue working...

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Stainless Steel Classes and Grades

Stainless steel is not a single alloy. Understanding stainless steel classes and grades will help you understand where each type is best used and what for. Stainless steel grades fall under 4 families: austenitic, ferritic, duplex, and martensitic. Austenitic...

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