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We’re already at the end of October, which means there’s just two months left of 2021. For many it’s not been as good as we’d hoped, but with a new year comes a fresh start, and with this comes design renovations and home interior updates (at least that’s our excuse!). So, to get you ahead of the game we’ve been doing our research and finding out what trends we can expect to see when it comes to architectural and interior design in 2022, and how we can help you incorporate some of these into your home.


When we hear minimalism we think light, modern, clean, simple. Forget about the maximalist trends of 2021, the bold patterns, bright colours, statement pieces.

One way to embrace a minimalist design is by the materials you use. To enhance natural light and the appearance of more space, we can incorporate glass into a space. Adding wood, steel, or concrete for example, can incorporate subtle, natural textures. Our staircases and balustrades are perfect places to use these clean lines.

Staircase with glass balustrade (Pinterest)


Sustainability is going to have to be at the forefront of all big decisions and projects going forward. Every aspect of a project can be made more sustainable. From the materials we use to the way we transport them, choosing the right methods now will pay off in the future. At Any Weld we work a lot with glass and steel. Glass is a sustainable material to use as it is fully recyclable and is made from natural, raw materials. Steel is also recyclable. In fact, it is the most recycled construction material in the world. It is also extremely long lasting, so you won’t have to replace it in a few years’ time.

Steel and glass staircase (Pinterest)

Curved shapes

Curved shapes and lines create a soft feel. Quite often this is done with furniture, to break up the harsher lines of walls and doorways for example. However, you can incorporate these lines into the structure of your home as well. If your space allows for it then having curved balustrades is an option. If not, a staircase would also work. Curved shapes give an area a calmer and more comfortable feel.

Any Weld Curved Balustrade

Black accents

Despite there being a favoured theme of natural elements and light colours going into 2022, black accents will be popular as well. Black works well alongside woods and neutral tones as a contrast to break things up a bit. When used alongside the ever popular whites, beiges, and stones, black can be a powerful addition without being too bold.

Any Weld Staircase

Multi-functional/ Combined Spaces

Been thinking about knocking that wall through? Open plan areas are becoming increasing popular. Combining kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas simply creates more room, opening up areas to let more light through. The bigger the space, the more you can do with it, and you can leave steel beams exposed for an added element.

Steel Beam Support and Archway (Pinterest)


The overall, most popular trends going into 2022 are minimalism, neutrals, and light.

Not everyone is going to have homes with large, open spaces, but one way to enhance these looks is by using glass. Glass is a great, versatile material that can be used for a number of things. It is modern and subtle and lets the light through. This means smaller, darker spaces, can feel much brighter, and even bigger.

Any Weld Staircase and Glass Balustrade

If you’d like to make some home improvements to go into the new year then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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