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A staircase is a structural element as much as it can be a decorative piece in any home. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain it, especially when thinking of selling. Features such as staircases are integral to maintaining a well-functioning property. The better they’re designed, the more they’ll increase the value of your property.

steel glass staircase
Any Weld Steel Staircase with Wooden Treads and Glass Balustrades

Here are some things to consider…

Using better materials

The beauty of staircases is that you have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing the materials. Wood, steel, glass, and concrete, for example. Upgrading the style of your staircase to fit in with a more modern aesthetic can help, including upgrading the materials. Wood is a strong material we see used for a lot of staircases. However, it can be known to wear over the years. By renovating or replacing your stairs you can bring some life back into your home and help increase the property value.

Extra space and storage

Extra storage is always an added bonus for anyone, and for many a necessity. Staircases can often take up a lot of room, so incorporating storage into the design can be good idea. This could be done with a traditional under the stair’s cupboard, or just by opening up an area with a simpler design. A more modern staircase that uses glass can help an interior feel more open and spacious by letting more light through.

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Refreshing the design of your staircase isn’t the only thing you’ll want to consider. It is important to check that your staircase is safe to use. As mentioned previously, some materials such as wood can wear and weaken over time, which can cause your stairs and balusters to become less secure. There are building regs that staircases have to match, so having this all up to date will be appealing to potential buyers.

You can also extend your staircase design to the balustrades elsewhere in your home, such as the landing. This means you will have the correct safety features throughout without compromising the style of the house.

glass balustrade staircase
Any Weld Staircase with glass balustrade


Staircases also add a structural element to your property. Understanding your home and how a staircase can help benefit the structure can help add value. A structurally sound staircase gives confidence in the overall property.

The staircase is often the focal point when entering most homes and making the right first impressions is essential when selling.

Even if you’re not thinking of selling just yet, a well-engineered staircase will last for years, so upgrading means you can enjoy the benefits and still profit from it when you do decide to move.

Take a look at the kind of work we can offer you here at Any Weld, and get in touch with us today.

Any Weld staircase