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Balustrade systems can be very versatile and designs can suit a number of different styles. Whether you’re after a more traditional, or more modern design, there are plenty of different looks, finishes, components, and materials to choose from.

At Any Weld, we have three main styles that are most popular among our customers.

Post and Rail

This balustrade design has a post (most commonly stainless steel) in between each pane of glass. These posts are all attached to a top rail. This design is traditional and popular and offers additional safety to an area. Not only does it act as a safety barrier, but provides a handrail for people to use, so are good to install in areas where people walk such as stairs and pathways. The baluster posts will also require clamps so they can be attached to the glass. These clamps can either be square, or D shaped.

Post and Rail Balustrade design

Post Only

Similar to above but without a top rail, this design still offers stability but from a slightly more simplistic style. This design could be a good option for an area with seating where you wouldn’t want a top rail in people’s eyeline, obstructing the view. Post only balustrades are good for those who prefer a more minimalistic design but can’t use frameless glass. They give a bit more stability whilst still delivering an uncomplicated aesthetic. These posts will also require clamps to attach them to the panes of glass.

Post only Balustrade design

Frameless Glass

The frameless glass balustrade design offers what is probably the most modern look out of the three. It is the most simplistic and can compliment a contemporary aesthetic. There are many benefits of installing glass balustrades. For this design you can choose from a channel system, glass adapters, or base clamps. If you want the glass to be even more secure, you can choose to add glass connectors to the top of the panes to hold them together. This is a good option for areas where the glass could experience more movement, such as places with strong wind.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Design

All stainless steel we use for posts, rails, and clamps can be finished to suit different needs. Whether this be how they’re polished or painted, we can offer a range of designs for everyone.

If you have any enquiries, or design ideas yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss.