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6 Staircase Ideas to Transform your Home

Whether modern and minimal or a bespoke feature piece; the staircase is a focal point in many properties. In this blog post we’ve highlighted 6 staircase ideas to transform your home.

Cantilevered Stairs

For a modern, minimal look, a cantilevered staircase system is perfect. Giving the appearance of ‘floating’ stairs, cantilevered staircases can be designed in a range of materials. The treads fixed at one end with a hidden support can be manufactured in timber, concrete, metal, glass or acrylic, to achieve any desired design. Depending on the amount of additional support required, balustrades can be added. Again, these can be done in a range of materials, but a popular style is glass to keep the illusion of the stairs floating and keeping the look simplistic.

Cantilever stairs

Ceiling to Floor Spindles

If you want to create more of a statement with your balustrades, then running them from the floor to the ceiling creates a dramatic effect. Floor to ceiling spindles can turn your stairs into more of a sculptural piece, allowing light to pass through, and creating the illusion of a taller space.

Ceiling to Floor Spindles

Exposed Metal

Metal is more commonly used for external staircases but bring it inside and you can use it to create a raw, industrial look. Whether you’re after elegant or rustic, exposed metal is a durable and versatile option that can be finished, painted, and paired with any other material.

Exposed metal stairs

Bespoke Statement Balustrades

A balustrade can be more than just a safety feature. As the first focal point in many homes, adding a statement balustrade can be a great way to add some personality and continue your interior aesthetic throughout your home. The beauty of bespoke designs mean you can create something totally unique to your home and style.

Statement Balustrades

Glass and Natural Light

Light and space are important elements in many homes. And adding a staircase doesn’t have to take away from this. Glass stairs are ideal for allowing natural light to pass through, and creating the illusion of more room. You can opt for a full glass staircase or just a glass balustrade; either will create an airy, modern feel. And if glass isn’t the material you want to go for but still want the same effect, you can use a material such as acrylic instead.

Glass and Acrylic Staircases

Concrete Stairs

Concrete stairs are a great way to bring the outside in and create a natural design. This is a long lasting and affordable way to create extensive designs for both contemporary and classic interiors. The neutral tones of concrete mean it will continually suit changing styles around it.

Concrete stairs

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