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The benefits of steel painting

Steel painting offers more than just an added aesthetic. There are different benefits of steel painting that ensure protection and that work is kept to a good standard.

Better resistance to corrosion

Painting steel adds a layer of protection against different elements and reduces the possibility of wear. Using this kind of protective paint reduces the risk of corrosion, rust, and damage to the steel. If steel is exposed there is risk of moisture getting to it. This may be due to bad weather, flooding, buildings by the sea, etc. Painting steel in protective paint can stop this moisture ruining steel by rusting and corroding it over time.

Easier to clean

Painting steel gives it a smoother, cleaner finish. In turn, this means that dirt and dust wont cling to it as badly, resulting in less need for hard cleaning. The more dirt that adheres to steel, the harsher chemical cleaners it will require. Reducing this need with paint means that you minimise the risk of wear from these cleaners.

Longer life

As a result of steel being protected from different elements if painted, it will last for longer. Steel already has an extremely long service life, but as we know there are different components that can affect this. To ensure your steel is going to last for as long as possible without any damage, applying the right protection is a key factor.

Environmentally friendly solutions

As time goes on, there is more requirements for environmentally friendly paint to be used. This means paints that doesn’t include harmful or toxic substances, so to reduce damage to the atmosphere. Applied paints should minimise the release of volatile organic compounds.

Fire resistant

When it comes to health and safety, protecting steel to reduce the risk of fire is essential, especially in commercial and industrial spaces. Coating steel in this fire-resistant layer of intumescent paint insulates it, and expands when it reaches extremely hot temperatures before the steel gets damaged.

Aesthetic finish

As well as all the protective advantages of painting steel, it also offers an aesthetic edge as well. Specifically, to any exposed steel or steel used for balconies or balustrades, for example. Steel can be painted to add to the finished look of a design, whilst still preserving the quality.

Painted steel balustrades

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