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The benefits of using structural steel

There are a range of materials used in construction today, all with their pros and cons and different benefits.

As structural steel experts, we’ve put together this post highlighting some of the advantages of this versatile material.

Cheap and durable

Steel can be a cheap option, and because faster to erect, it can reduce additional costs too. Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other building material. Being able to use less material to create stronger buildings also helps keep costs down.

Steel is a durable material to use when properly constructed and designed to tolerate and be protected against corrosion. Coatings can be applied to steel to separate it from water and oxygen, so it doesn’t corrode. Steel can stand firm against different conditions, it’s strong and thoroughly resistant to most elements.


Because of its strength and durability, steel can be used repeatedly. Recycling this material doesn’t affect its quality or strength, in fact this can even be improved on throughout the recycling process, plus it only uses about a third of the energy required for making new steel. There is also minimal waste produced by manufacturers and contractors during fabrication and erection.

Off-site fabrication

There are many benefits of offsite fabrication. Reduced costs, increased productivity in a controlled factory environment and safety are just some of the few reasons.

Offsite fabrication allows for more predictability. The environment is always the same, and in turn this means that the time taken to complete jobs will decrease. Working in a well known environment makes work safer for the workers and less disrupting to clients.


Steel is a very versatile material. It can be fabricated to suit any space and design which makes it very easy for architects and designers to work with. It can also offer different aesthetic options and be used for features or exteriors of buildings as well.

There are many more benefits to using structural steel than we’ve mentioned here. At ANY Weld we can offer a wide range of steel products for both domestic and commercial projects. To discuss and arrange any work, or for any more information on the benefits of using steel for your next project, email [email protected] or call 01271 860794 today!