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In this edition of modern architecture projects, we take a look at Spain and what remarkable contemporary buildings they have created over the years.

Spain is a popular holiday destination and is well-known for beautiful coastlines and delicious sangria. Something that isn’t as recognised is the stunning architecture that can be spotted across the country.

From ancient buildings to fascinating modern structures, Spain is home to a wide range of architecture styles. We take a look at just some of the exceptional modern architecture that can be found in Spain.

Tenerife Concert Hall

You can find this incredible building on the waterfront in Los Llanos, between the Marine Park and the edge of the port. It connects the city to the sea and is an iconic urban landmark.

The sweeping motion of the roof is perhaps the main feature of the building and is the part that makes it so eye-catching; the shape is meant to mimic a crashing wave. It is solely made from concrete and the roof has a total height of 58 metres.

The building has an auditorium that can seat 1,800 and there is also a music hall that can seat 400. Within the steep plinth of the building is where you will find the music hall, along with dressing rooms, technical services and some other facilities. The plinth itself is clad in basalt, which is the local volcanic stone, making it quite unique.

Although some of the building is air-conditioned, such as the administrative and service areas, the public foyers and circulation areas are instead naturally ventilated. The pleasant climate flows through the glazed areas beneath and also between the building’s concrete shells.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Frank Gehry was also the architect for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and it features his recognisable design. The building is 24,000 m2 and 9,000 of it is dedicated to exhibition space. The museum is an architectural landmark due to its innovative design and it is the perfect home for some of the incredible art exhibited inside.

Hotel Marqués de Riscal

Created by Frank Gehry in 2006, Hotel Marqués de Riscal is a modern, luxurious retreat that features 43 rooms and suites. From tilted walks to cathedral-high ceilings, you cannot miss the unmistakable design of Gehry. The pink, gold and silver colours used for the building are to symbolise the reddish hues of the wine, the mesh of the bottle and the wine bottle itself.

The vision that Gehry had was to create a 21st century château and it comprises of rectilinear prisms that hover above the ground, supported by three super columns. It rises nine meters high and offers spectacular views of the vineyard, Elciego, and the mountains of Sierra de Cantabria in the distance.

Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion

The Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion is both a practical bridge and an interactive exhibition area concentrating on water sustainability. There are four main pods that perform as both structural elements and as specific exhibition spaces. The pods brace each other and therefore balance out the weight of the bridge.

Spanning across the Ebro River, the bridge has a dynamic shape and mimics distinctive shark-scale skin. The central part of the concrete belly partially rests on a small island in the middle of the river.

Spain is a beautiful destination with some incredible architecture that is certainly worth visiting if you are in the area. As architecture develops, we hope to see some more buildings and structures that showcase intricate design and innovative ideas, both in Spain and across the globe.

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