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With the beginning of a brand-new season, there really is no better time to change the style of your home. Spring is a season that is known for breathing new life, and this can also be replicated into your home; especially as we can often go years with the same tired décor. 

One trend which has stood out recently is industrial. You may already have preconceived feelings that this means your home will feel cold and somewhat like a factory or even a building site; however, this is very far from the truth.

Whilst this trend uses raw materials and natural aesthetics, it provides homes with a modern feel which has been appearing in spaces both modern and old. 

Industrial style décor is perhaps an unlikely trend to find its way into homes, but it is extremely easy to implement due to the endless possibilities and contrast between modern and vintage, meaning it is most likely here to stay. We have taken a look at some ways you can easily implement this into your home.

Home Furnishings

One of the simplest ways to have an industrial influence in your home is to incorporate this style into your home furnishings. From light fixtures and lamps to bookcases and tables, there are many small décor items that can have a strong influence on a room. 

By intertwining this style into your furnishings, you can create a controlled feel of this particular design throughout your home- additionally, this a good way to experiment with it before committing to the full trend.  

Stunning Feature Pieces

As previously mentioned, the industrial style trend incorporates natural materials. As such, by having one huge statement piece in your home can be the showstopping feature to complete the whole style. 

For those seeking true industrial design in their home, then investing in an industrial-style staircase using materials such as glass and steel as these can look outstanding.

If you are interested in a feature piece staircase, why not get in contact with us today as we are leading steel staircase fabricators? Give us a call on 01271 860794 or drop us an email at [email protected]


The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and it is one of the easiest rooms to implement the industrial-style trend in. Kitchens which are based around this style look modern, clean and have character.

In this particular room, you will be able to show the trend throughout a number of different features such as the lights, sink, taps, shelving and much more. 

Industrial-Style Advice

If are still a little unsure of what is classified as industrial, you should look at considering these characteristics: 

Colours: Industrial décor incorporates a lot of muted tones such as neutral colours. Palettes which consist of grey, black and white can bring a level of moodiness to a room but can be brightened up when used against metallic colours such as bronze and copper. 

Materials: soft, plush fabrics should be avoided when paired with your industrial style furniture. You should look for materials which looked like they been worked hard and are being reused. 

This is where seeking out second-hand or antique furniture to furnish your home could be a route to go down. Be sure to take advantage of distressed elements and wooden floors, stone countertops, and any type of metal. 

Accessories: Industrial décor is all about being minimalistic, so when decorating, clutter should be kept to the bare minimum. However, if you want to personalise your space, look for wall art, metal sculptures and other modern décor items.

This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, and one of the reasons it will be around for years to come is because it is really adaptable. This means it can be easily shown throughout your home with either just a touch or completely full out. Do you like this trend? Let us know using our social media channels!