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Staircases are not only a necessity to get from one floor to another, but they are also a central feature of many buildings. While many homes are built with a standard straight staircase, there are different styles and shapes available. As we come to the end of 2019, we can look forward to 2020 and which staircases will be hot on-trend. Whether you are in the process of building a new home or renovating your current place, read on to discover some of the best staircase designs for 2020.

U-Shaped Stairs

Zig zag wooden staircase

A simplistic straight staircase is a design of the past. Instead, people are attracted to a more unusual and quirky design, much like the U-shaped style. While it still appears simplistic, the back to back design creates a wonderful feature to any home or building. The u-shaped staircase, also known as zig-zag stairs, are often used for high-rise buildings. Whether you like a traditional wooden staircase or would prefer a more modern twist with metal and glass, this design can accommodate all style preferences.

Helical Stairs

A curved metal staircase

Add a touch of class and elegance with a curved staircase. Helical stairs are often used in office interiors as they are both practical and attractive; they do not require a fixed central column, and the airy, fluid design looks excellent. While a single curved staircase has appeal, they are also often used in pairs that lead to the top in the formation of an arch. It can create a sense of grandeur, as an understated central feature piece to an interior. The most common materials used for helical staircases are metal and glass, as they are both contemporary and practical.

Cantilever Stairs

Floating staircases installed by ANY Weld

A truly modern design can be found in the ‘floating’ staircase. The smart design works by anchoring the individual steps to the wall or a stringer beam. The floating effect makes for an eye-catching feature to an interior. Furthermore, the gaps allow for more light to pass through the staircase, therefore, keeping the room bright and airy. Cantilever stairs are brilliant in homes that are contemporary in style and for those who want to keep the space looking pristine and sleek.

L-Shaped Stairs

L-Shaped Stairs

L-shaped stairs are more visually appealing than a basic straight design. An excellent benefit to this design is that the central landing can work as a barrier between floors; both visually and for soundproofing. The landing can help to reduce accidents on the descent and ascent, offering users a place to rest. The design can also be located in the corner of a room; therefore, it doesn’t take up as much valuable floor space. An array of different materials can be used to achieve different looks; wood can offer a traditional style; while glass can add a contemporary touch. With glass, you will gain the modern look, but at the same time, you will lose the privacy element as it is see-through.

Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase in a modern home interior

Last but by no means least; spiral staircases are always a brilliant addition to any interior, and this isn’t due to change in 2020! Depending on what materials you use, this twisted design can look either vintage or contemporary. Stone spiral staircases can be found in many historic castles and buildings, and still to this day, the design is widely used. The design works by the steps winding around a central post, and because it uses minimal space, they are perfect for smaller interiors.  

We hope that we have inspired you to incorporate one of these staircase designs in your interior for 2020, whether it’s a residential or commercial space. The interior of your business building can have a substantial impact on how visitors interpret your company; therefore, it is crucial to think carefully about how you design it. Elements such as colour and texture are both factors that should be considered, along with the staircase, as it is a central part of the building. For more information on why steel stairs are essential for your business, take a look at our previous blog!

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