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You may well have thought that a swimming pool or fancy wine cellar would be the first thing to mind when people were asked what feature they’d have as part of their dream home – but you’d be wrong.

An overwhelming 43 per cent of those asked in a survey stated that a balcony would be an essential feature in their dream home.

Four in ten people divulged that they would enjoy the additional exterior space, therefore making it one of the most in demand architectural additions.

The only ideal features that fractionally beat a balcony to the top two spots were en-suite bathrooms for every bedroom (48 per cent) and walk-in wardrobes (45 per cent).

Across the research, properties near the beach or in a bustling city centre were the most popular locations given by the 2,000 home buyers surveyed for their ideal home, with 16 per cent of people choosing each option.

Dream Home Feature List:

·    En-suite bathrooms, 48%

·    Walk-in wardrobes, 45%

·    Balcony, 43%

·    Relaxation room, 39%

·    Library, 35%

·    Gym, 32%

·    Cinema, 29%

·    Wine cellar, 25%

·    Aquarium, 25%

·    Bowling alley, 20%

·    Nightclub, 17%

With dream homes aside, increased numbers of homeowners are now beginning to look to make the most out of their outdoor space, and as such, balconies are finding themselves progressively higher in the popularity stakes.

Here at ANY Weld, we not only design but manufacture and install both bespoke structural steel and glass balcony systems. Additionally, we can fit residential balconies as well as commercial options.

Our experienced, dedicated team treats every balcony like their own, meaning that the addition of a wonderful new balcony in your home or business is guaranteed to look exactly how you’d want, every time! Whether you are looking for a self-supporting or a Juliet balcony, we can create the balcony of your dreams!

For more information or a quote, contact us today on 01271 860794.